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EQ Summit Standard Ticket 25th May show details + £746.00 (GBP)*  
EQ Summit Premium Ticket 25th May show details + £995.00 (GBP)*   Sold Out
EQ Summit and Mindfulness Pre-Summit Workshop show details + £1,200.00 (GBP)*   Sold Out
Mindfulness Pre-Summit Workshop 24th May show details + £250.00 (GBP)*   Sold Out

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Why You Should Attend

Experience the greatest minds together on one platform to share how organisations can adapt to challenges and thrive in this unprecedented New Economy. Economists and business leaders agree that we have entered a new economy. This economy is characterised by globalisation, technological change and the management of talent during uncertainty.

So get ahead of the curve, and join us at the 2017 EQ Summit which is being described as a ‘must attend’ event for Senior Leadership, HR professionals and L&D practitioners in the UK.

Mindfulness Pre-Summit Workshop 24th May SOLD OUT
EQ Summit Premium Seating 25th May SOLD OUT