Resilience: Building Emotional Capital in Young People -

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Resilience: Building Emotional Capital in Young People


At this EQ Summit break-out session, Jay presents you with an international insight into youth social emotional skills development, from his work in West Africa, the UK and UAE. He lifts the lid on the oft used term Resilience, specifically breaking it down into 10 social emotional skills and showing how young people can be nurtured to: establish an ability to manage difficult emotions with greater discretion and learn to respond to stressful circumstances by taking control; Increase their creativity, innovation and problem solving abilities to enhance learning or work activities; improve their health and wellbeing through the quality of social connections and relationships they create, and enhance their capacity to make emotional connections with others and attract other people.

In line with the theme of the Summit, Jay will also introduce his global collaboration with RocheMartin which focuses upon introducing how creating a solid optimistic approach and positive mood with a sense of self-confidence, in many ways will help us inoculate young people against depression and anxiety. Jay will reveal some new insights and metrics which are drawn from a global survey – in collaboration with RocheMartin – into the prevailing social emotional skills in young people aged 13 to 17 years within Ghana, Nigeria, the UK and UAE – the first deep-dive into the Emotional Capital in Young People by Age, Gender and Location.

Join Jay for a fascinating break-out session into Resilience: The Emotional Capital in Young People.


Jay Baughan is an emotional development specialist and social entrepreneur, the founder of who is building a physical and digital learning, development and incubation infrastructure totally dedicated to establishing a tangible Emotional Capital within education and youth development around the world.