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Dan Goleman


NYTimes Bestselling Author - Emotional Intelligence

Dan Goleman will be speaking about the role of emotional intelligence and mindfulness in increasing creativity and in doing so shaping the future of business.Read More

Sir Ken Robinson


Global Expert on Education, Creativity and Innovation

Sir Ken Robinson will share his insights on how to lead a culture of innovation in a continuous and sustained way and what leaders have to do to make it happen.Read More

Baroness Susan Greenfield


Neuroscientist and member of the House of Lords

Baroness Susan Greenfield will discuss how the digital age is impacting the brain and the repercussions of that on our ability to focus, the quality of relationships and how we do business.Read More

Jeremy Darroch


Chief Executive and Executive Director

Jeremy Darroch will share how he is building a culture of innovation and the emotional and social skills to position Sky for the future.Read More

Dr Martyn Newman


Global expert on Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness

Dr Martyn Newman will demonstrate a compelling case on how well-developed emotional and social intelligence are the key to creating value and great performance.Read More

Ruby Wax, OBE


Mental health campaigner, lecturer and author

Ruby Wax in her outrageously witty, smart and accessible style will explain how and why to adopt and practice mindfulness for good and achieve a healthier, happier life.Read More