Jeremy Darroch -

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Keynote Speaker

Jeremy Darroch

Building an Innovation Strategy at Sky

Jeremy Darroch, Chief Executive and Executive Director at Sky. Under Jeremy’s stewardship, Sky has established itself as Europe’s leading entertainment company with 20 million customers across five countries: Italy, Germany, Austria, the UK and Ireland.

Sky has annual revenues of over £11 billion and employs 31,000 people. Jeremy is convinced that the future of leadership in business will depend on how effective leaders are at finding, focusing, and managing their personal energy.  Jeremy will share his vision for leadership and describe elements of Sky’s leadership development programme including how emotional intelligence and mindfulness work as core elements that fuel success in the new economy.

What Jeremy Darroch will be speaking about

As head of one of Europe’s biggest business brands Jeremy Darroch has taken an innovative approach to modern leadership at Sky. Darroch will share his personal vision of leadership and his understanding of the role emotional intelligence and in particular empathy plays in the formation of the mind of the contemporary leader.

Darroch will share insights from The Better Self, Better Teams and Better Business EQ based programme at Sky and how it is building a culture of innovation and the emotional and social skills to position Sky for the future.


CEO of Sky

Currently entering the 9th year as the CEO of Sky plc, Europe’s largest and leading media company.

Youth Sport Trust

Serving as a board member of a national charity organisation, supporting children through sport.

Industry & Higher Education

Member of the board on the Council for Industry & Higher Education, alongside some of the UK’s brightest leaders.

Honors from Hull University

The recipient of an honorary degree from his Alma Mater, Hull University, in 2010.